Lectures and other talks by Charles W. Ferris, C.S.B.

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Who’s in Control?

Ethics for Today

The Spiritual Basis of Health

What is Your Lifestyle

Reality: Matter or Mind?

How God’s Promises are Fulfilled

The Spiritual Elements of Peace

How the Spiritual Meaning of the Bible Heals

The Preventative and Curative Nature of the Commandments
(audio lecture originally published as a “Shared Reflection” lecture on JSH-Online.com)


Individual Progress: The Basis of Church Progress

Correlating Christian Science with Academics

What Does God’s Law Say to the Statement: “You May Attend Your Church, But You May Not Practice Your Religion”

Our Father Answers Every Call

The Basis of Christian Science Nursing: Trust in the healing power of Christian Science

The Efficacy of Christian Science: Basis for Nursing

A Higher and More Practical Christianity

Radical Reliance: The Foundation of Morningside’s Mission

Let Your Communication Be In Heaven

Commitment to a Spiritual Premise

Why Not the Public Practice?