Go to to pay dues, make donations to funds as listed below, and pay for Association Day lunch. (Please add a note detailing how your donation is to be allocated.)

Please note:

  • If you click “Paying for goods or a service,” fees will be taken from your payment and the Association will receive your donation less the fee amount.
  • If you do not click “Paying for goods or a service” and instead leave your payment between “family and friends,” no fees will be removed and the Association will receive 100% of your donation. However, payments made between “family and friends” via your credit or debit card will charge you a small fee, which will show in your total before you finalize payment. To avoid paying a fee, pay between “family and friends” using your Paypal balance or a linked bank account.

Please add a note detailing how your donation is to be allocated:

Dues $_____ (Please log in to view dues amount.)

Overseas Travel Fund $_____

Association Reserve Fund $_____

The Mother Church General Fund $_____

Lunch $15 by July 10

The lunch buffet (on Association Day, Saturday, July 25, 2020) will include three types of sandwiches (including a vegetarian option), several types of salads, a seasonal soup, a beverage, and a selection of house-made mini desserts.

The Association’s contract includes a required food and beverage minimum, so your participation in the lunch helps the Association.

If lunches are still available on Association day they will be available first come, first served for $20.

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